Details about our activities

1. Accounting

a. Accounting for the tax records

Tax records are a ground for an identification of the tax base for the income tax return by individuals from the business and another individual earning activities. Based on mutual agreement it´s possible to realize a supervision of proceeded tax records or a complete reconstruction or correction.

For the VAT-taxpayers it´s possible to realize a control of needed records for the previously elaborated VAT returns.

b. Double-entry bookkeeping

As a part of performed services is a processing of the complete agenda of double-entry bookkeeping, it means cash, bank, accounts receivables and payables, financial statements and related reporting based on agreement with a client. It belongs here an elaboration of payrolls and related agenda.

2. Taxes

This services can be connected directly with accounting services, based on agreement with a client, or are provided independently following an agreement or a mandate contract. Even though are connected with accounting services, clients are charged independently following related contracts. In case of a delegated power of attorney and a related contract with a client it´s possible to supply a client by the dealings at a finance autority and in compliance with the tax law to postpone a processing of the tax returns from the earnings of a client and herewith to postpone a related tax payment. A price list can be founded in documents to withdraw.

Clients can ask for a processing of following tax returns :

Income tax return by individuals, Corporate income tax return, VAT return, road tax, property tax, tax from the acquisition of an immovable property. Another returns or documents for the finance authorities can be precised based on mutual agreement.

3. Other services

Between other services we can mention mainly a liquidation of the comercial companies, where can I offer experiences from the liquidation of two companies.